Figuring that the central torso does not require as much flexibility to move as other parts of the body, this form of armor essentially uses the central component of half plate and supplements it with normal leather armor.

Crafting moldEdit

The crafting mold for breastplate requires 3 metal ingots (or certain scaly hides, see below). Other than normal iron ingots, one can alternatively use:

  • Mithral: DC 15, armor check penalty reduced to -1, arcane spell failure down to 15%, weight cut by half, maximum dexterity bonus increased to 5, treated as light armor
  • Darksteel: DC 15, 5/- acid damage resistance
  • Adamantine: DC 20, 2/- damage resistance
  • Wyvern hide: DC 25, +2 armor bonus, +4 saving throws vs. poison, 20% weight reduction
  • Red dragon hide: DC 28, +3 armor modifier, 20/- fire damage resistance, 20% weight reduction

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