In addition to the normal feats gained from character progression a character might also gain bonus feats.


Humans and Strongheart halflings gain a free feat at 1st level in addition to the normal feat progression (i.e. these two races will receive 2 feats at 1st level -- plus any other bonus feats below).

Class bonus featsEdit

Some classes also provide bonus feats from their class progression.


At level 1 and then every even level afterwards (2, 4, 6, etc.), a fighter gains a bonus feat chosen from a subset of the feat list. At level 20, a fighter will have gained 11 feats this way.

Epic fighters continue to gain feats this way (at level 22,24,26,28 and 30).


At 10th level, and at every three levels thereafter (13, 16 and 19), a rogue gains a special ability of her choice. A feat maybe be chosen as one of the available options. At level 20, a rogue will have gained 4 feats this way.

Epic rogues gain additional special abilities or feats at level 24 and 28.


At level 5 and every five levels after (5, 10, 15 and 20), a wizard may select a bonus feat, chosen from the metamagic, item creation, and spell feat lists. At level 20, a wizard will have gained 4 feats this way.

Epic Wizards gain additional bonus feats at level 23,26 and 29.

Divine championEdit

At every even level from 2nd through 10th, a divine champion may select a bonus feat chosen from a subset of the feat list.

Epic level bonus featsEdit

Character that advance to level 21 or higher in a base class gain additional feats at specific levels determined by their class progression.

Proficiency featsEdit

Some classes provide armor, shield proficiencies, and all proficiencies in a weapon proficiency group as bonus feats when they are selected.

Proficiency Feats by Class
Class Armor Shield Weapon Notes
lightmediumheavy light &
tower simplemartial
BarbarianXX X XX
BardX  X X 
ClericXXXX X 
DruidXX X   
Favored SoulXX X X Favored Souls gain weapon proficiency based on their deity's favored weapon.
PaladinXXXX XX
RangerX  X XX
RogueX    X 
Sorcerer     X 
WarlockX    X 
Arcane archerXXXX XX
BlackguardXXXX XX
Divine champion     XX
Duelist     XX
Dwarven defenderXXXX XX
Harper agentX    X 
ShadowdancerX    X 
Shadow Thief of AmnX    X 

NWN comparisonEdit

  • NWN made no distinction between tower shields and other shields.

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