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This feat grants the character the ability to fight well if blinded or against invisible creatures. The character gets to re-roll its miss chance percentile one time to see if it actually hits.

A fighter may select blind fight as one of his fighter bonus feats. Clerics with the Darkness domain receive this feat for free at first level. Red Dragon Disciple receives this feat for free at 5 class levels. Yuan-ti receive blind fight for free at creation.



  • Blind Fight does not change a target's concealment, but instead gives a second roll on a miss due to concealment. The probability of missing a target is effectively squared (reducing 50% to 25% and 10% to 1%). This calculation is valid for a single attack - see Talk:Concealment.
  • In the unmodified game, it is the only ability that has a permanent effect against all kinds of concealment. The spells True Strike, True Seeing and Blind Sight have no effect in this regard (unlike PnP). Some abilities ignore or remove concealment, but with limitations - see Concealment
  • This feat negates the +2 AB and flat-footed bonuses from opposing invisible (as under the effect of an Invisibility spell) creatures. This only affects melee attacks with melee weapons; ranged attacks do not apply no matter the distance they are made from. It has no effect against Ethereal Jaunt and stealth however, which still have flat-footed bonuses (although these abilities never offer a +2 to AB).
  • This feat does not remove the 50% miss chance from being blinded.
  • This feat prevents one from losing AC (due to being caught flat-footed) when attacked by a hidden melee attacker, provided the attacker is heard. (If the attacker is spotted, the defender can avoid being flat-footed without this feat.) It does not, however, negate any other condition for being caught flat-footed, nor does it prevent the other effects of being flat-footed (such as being subject to sneak attacks).

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