The Bear God's Barrow is an old, ancient burial mound in Rashemen, just north of Mulsantir. Located at the site of an even older Imaskari ruin, the barrow is the home of Okku, a legendary spirit king. Many telthor sleep in these caverns, but something far more fearsome sleeps at the very bottom.....

Mask of the BetrayerEdit

The Mask of the Betrayer campaign begins in these barrows, as the PC awakens with the shard from the Sword of Gith cut from his/her chest, bound in a lower chamber with a dark presence awakening within, and in a world of horrendous pain. The player is rescued by Safiya, a Red Wizard sent to retrieve him/her from the barrows and escort him/her to Mulsantir. The spirits however are upset by the awakening entity, and the bear god himself tries to stop them from leaving the barrow.

It is revealed later from Okku that the previous Spirit Eater had spared him from the hunger, and the bear god agreed by oath to let him die in the lower barrow so the curse would remain sealed. With the PC being mysteriously placed and bound near the man's skeleton, the curse was able to reawaken.

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