A base class is a class that may be chosen at level 1 (as opposed to a prestige class).

The following 15 base classes are included in NWN2 (two from MotB and one from SoZ).

Combat Classes Edit

  • Barbarian: A ferocious warrior guided by fury and instinct.
  • Fighter: A warrior with unequaled skill with weapons.
  • Monk: A martial artist and master of exotic powers.
  • Paladin: A champion of justice, strengthened by an array of divine powers.
  • Ranger: A cunning, skilled warrior of the wilderness.
  • Rogue: A skillful scout and spy who utilizes stealth.
  • Swashbuckler: An agile warrior who favors wit over brute force. (SoZ)

Spellcasting Classes Edit

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