Balarand: Frontiers of the Horde Lands
Type: Action Persistent World
Autodownloader: Enabled
Language: English
Staff: Sledge
Status: Offline

Balarand: Frontiers of the Horde Lands is an Action Base PW for NWN2 with a focus on adventuring. Balarand features soloable quests, team work dungeons/puzzles, Challenging Bosses, Item Sets (which when collected provide extra bonuses), and plenty other cool stuff. We draw inspiration from games like Diablo, D&D Online, WoW, and of course the NWN Official games. There are no restrictions on Level/Race/Class.

You can visit our website at We are now running with the auto-downloader, so all you need to do is log in and the game will download the needed files.

The Frontier, a small coastal colony of the Kingdom of Balarand. Far to the south across the Sea of Balarand, a hard fought war gained the first foot hold of the area, a small port town that has come to be known as Korta Sill. The Players arrive here by boat, traveling from the kingdom proper, in search of what could be their fame, fortune, or demise.

I hope to see you online!

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