Ig g baervan

Baervan Wildwanderer

Alias(es): The Masked Leaf
Power: Intermediate deity
Pantheon: The Lords of the Golden Hills (Gnome)
Symbol: A raccoon's face
Alignment: Neutral good
Cleric alignment: NG, CG, LG
Portfolio: Travel, nature, forest gnomes
Worshippers: Druids, forest gnomes, rangers, rock gnomes, tricksters
Canon NWN2 domains: Animal  Good  Plant  Travel  
Other canon domains: Gnome
Favoured weapon (NWN2): Spear
Canon favoured weapon: Halfspear - "Whisperleaf"
Allies: Segojan Earthcaller, Brandobaris, Clangeddin Silverbeard, Gwaeron Windstrom, other good nature deities
Enemies: Urdlen, Malar

Gameplay NotesEdit

Favored souls and clerics with the War domain with Baervan as a deity receive the monkey grip feat for free at their first level to allow them to wield a spear.

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