Avlis 2
Type: Roleplay Persistent World
Language: English
Status: Offline

Avlis is a successful role-play persistent world based upon an original pen-and-paper setting developed by Orleron. The Avlis 2 project would continue the legacy of excellent Role-playing and superior world design that made Avlis so successful. Instead of migrating Avlis 1 into NWN2, the new server was set 1500 years in the future in the city of Crosstreams, in an area known as the Seven Cities. This area was famous in the lore of Avlis 1 but was never officially developed for NWN. The server appears to have gone offline in september 2010.


Crosstreams is now the largest city in the seven cities, a small region at the Western end of the continent. Many strange and marvelous things exist in the area such as the large mountain known as Jorbaren's peak which towers unusually over the city or the many artefacts that are consistently discovered in the city's underdark. The King and Queen of Crosstreams openly encourage many adventurers to seek out the City of Crosstreams to deal with the monsters and denizens that occasionally threaten the town. To the East of the 7 Cities lie the Orcish nations, ever on the look-out for expansion. Crosstreams is a land full of life amongst the threat of death. Do you have what it takes to adventure in the 7 cities?

Server CharacteristicsEdit

  • Roleplay World: Players are expected to be In-character at all times
  • Number of Servers: 1, at launch. More planned in the future
  • Vault type: Server Vault
  • Persistent World: Online 24/7
  • Experience: Leveling is slow compared to the Official Campaign
  • Items: Primarily available through the crafting system, but may also occur as treasure drops or DM rewards
  • PVP status: Full PVP. CvC allowed, Grief style play will not be tolerated.

Unique FeaturesEdit

  • Original server background and history
  • Special Avlis custom races
  • Additional PrC appropriate to the Avlis world background
  • Pantheon unique to the setting
  • Scripts that bring alive our world vision
  • Team members highly experienced with the developing, maintenance and every-day running of all aspects of a large Persistent World

About the Team Edit

The Avlis 2 Team had adopted the structure of a small gaming company. The Lead Producer was in charge of the entire project. Each group underneath him had its own Leader such as the Head DM, Lead Builder, Lead QA and Lead Designer. In short, the Design team created the basic content for the systems, areas and world background and sent the finished product to the build team who then implemented the Design Team's vision. Quality Assurance (QA) assured that there were no outstanding bugs and that the product met the high quality that Avlis has long been famous for. The DM Team was responsible for implementing the server's Story vision. The team was always willing to take applications from prospective applicants.

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