.2da file. The 2D Array that contains rules and statistics for each type of armor in the game

Here is a description of the various columns:

*void*86Row's ID (unique)-
LabelChainShirtA label used to describe the type of armor-
ACBONUS8The base AC bonus for this type of armor-
MAXDEXBONUS30The maximum dexterity bonus allowed for this type of armorA character with a higher dex bonus can only apply up to the maximum shown
ACCHECK25The modifier to apply to skill checks that are affected by wearing armor-
ARCANEFAILURE%25The percentage chance of arcane spell failure when casting spells that have somatic components while wearing this type of armor-
WEIGHT300How much a standard set of armor weighs for this armor typeMeasured in tenths of a pound (ie 300 = 30lbs)
COST50The cost in gold coins for a standard set of armor of this type-
DESCRIPTIONS19643Index in the TLK file for the general description of this type of armor-
Name111246Index in the TLK file for the general name of this type of armor-
BASEITEMSTATREF5432Index in the TLK file for the general stats of this type of armor
RankLightName of the rank this armor type belongs toArmor is categorized into Light, Medium and Heavy

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  • Recognized when loaded with hak pack in Patch 1.12

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