This is a suit of armour that enables the wearer to caste Haste 3 times per day as a 10th level caster (10 rounds duration).

Quick Armor: Haste (10) 3x day

  • Requires : Caster Level 7, Craft Magic Arms and Armor feat
  • Ingredients : Weak Power Essence + Weak Air Essence + Blue Diamond
  • Spell: Haste

From: Neverwinter Nights 2 Crafting Recipes, Game Version: 1.03.835,

Guide Version: 1.62, By: Jake Zahn, Date: 01/20/2006.

This item recipe is bugged in the Australian version: when this recipe is used creates a suit of armour that allows the wearer to cast Delayed Blast Fireball 3x per day. While this is of course useful, for someone who wears armour (Fighters, Paladins, Clerics), casting Haste would be of more use in combat.

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