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There are many incarnations of Anphillia. The links below represent the official Anphillia module, rather than a spin-off.

Synopsis Edit

Anphillia is an island floating in the seas of Toril, of the Forgotten Realms. It is ravaged by war by two opposing factions: Cleaven and Axfell.

Part of the luster of Anphillia is its heavily involved community of players. They often communicate through the Anphillia Forums. Sometimes debates can become quite heated, but all in all everyone gets along. It simply demonstrates the passion that the Anphillia community truly has for the world they play in.

Anphillia is primarily a Roleplaying server. It has elements of Player vs Player combat, but that is not the focus of the server. Roleplaying is rewarded far greater than PvP.

The original Anphillia is back for NWN1 with a revival module. Many old players are back and roleplaying.

The NWN2 module is currently in beta.

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