// Try to send oTarget to a new server defined by sIPaddress.
// - oTarget
// - sIPaddress: this can be numerical "" or alphanumeric
//   "". It can also contain a port "" or
//   ""; if the port is not specified, it will default to
//   5121.
// - sPassword: login password for the destination server
// - sWaypointTag: if this is set, after portalling the character will be moved
//   to this waypoint if it exists
// - bSeamless: if this is set, the client wil not be prompted with the
//   information window telling them about the server, and they will not be
//   allowed to save a copy of their character if they are using a local vault
//   character.
void ActivatePortal(object oTarget, string sIPaddress="", string sPassword="", string sWaypointTag="", int bSeemless=FALSE);

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